Human hair wigs appeal far more natural than synthetic hair wigs.

But the silky smooth hair implanted in these wigs need care just like actual hair.

Else, they will get tangled and frizzy with time.

To make human hair wigs last longer and look new again, proper maintenance and care is a must.

Here are 5 tips on how to maintain your wigs:

  • Wash your wig periodically

Washing your wig periodically will keep it clean and directly enhance its lifespan. Usually use warm water instead of either hot or cold water.

Rinse your wig thoroughly with the warm water, keeping bottom of your wig faced up to avoid de-tangling.

  • Conditioning and shampooing your wig

Just washing your wig the right way is not enough.

To restore the shine on your human hair wig, you will also have to condition and shampoo it correctly.

  • De-tangling

Instead of keeping your human hair wig in a closet, drawer or just anywhere else, buy a wig head.

It will help your wig retain its shape when it’s not in use.

  • Satin bag storage

Planning not to wear your human hair wig for a while? Keep it in a satin bag.

This will protect your wig from dryness. Moreover, frictionless satin will also eliminate the chances of detangling.

  • Straightening or ironing

Whether short or long hair, straightening or ironing them works best. Divide your hair into sections and iron them to keep them straight and smooth.