3 common mistakes you are making with your brows!

Eyebrows frame the face perfectly when done properly, not when over exaggerated! See these common mistakes ladies make!


Doing the eyebrows right should equal it giving a flattering effect to the face, it should not look artificial or drawn on.

It's best to maintain natural brows first then shaping and grooming them regularly which creates the ease of defining them to look as natural as possible which in turn makes them easier to fill or neaten when doing a whole face of makeup.

There are a lot of funny things that go on with the brows but these ones are very common and should be avoided:


1. Overplucking

Yes, it's great to tame the brows regularly but going overboard with shaping it can turn out funny looking. DON'T scrape off your brows only to draw them back on. Follow you natural arch to pluck out stray hairs or get a professional to do just that.

When brows are well tamed, they appear more natural when they are defined as against when they've been over-plucked. (Even they have been microbladed, they should be touched up).

2. Drawing boxy lines


Starting off the brows as natural as possible using light strokes when filling in as dense as possible is the best way to get natural good looking brows as against drawing the entire length of the brows.

Boxy brows are No Nos.

3. Filling too dark

Instead of bold, dark strokes, opt for light and natural looking strokes sticking to filling in only the sparse areas, this way the brows come out looking as natural as possible.


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