Achieving a flawless and modern

A good eye makeup should be tidy/clean, without fuss (no black liner running or mascara lines all over the eye area) after all makeup is in place to enhance and flatter the facial features not ruin it!

From drawing boxy lines on the eyebrows to filling in with black eye pencils (which is eternally disgusting), to using mismatched foundation shade amongst other makeup faux pas, there are loads of things to avoid for a flawless beat.

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These pointers however help guide you for a modern, clean and flawless beat.

1. Using Black Mascara on the lower lashes

Avoid using black mascara on the lower lashes (except you are an expert at this like Jackie Aina!). Doing this casts a shadow on the undereye area making it look darker and untidy.

2. Filling the entire brows

To fill in brows, start along the dense areas. Don't try to alter where the brows peak and avoid filling in the entire brow, this tend to be too much. Instead fill in areas with sparse hair.

3. Creating boxy and harsh lines with pencils

When filling the brows with pencil, use the side of the sharpened pencil lightly, avoid using the pointed tip so as not to end up with harsh lines.

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4. Rubbing Products harshly into the eye area

It's important to handle the eye area delicately. The thin skin under the eye and over the eye lids should not be tugged and pulled when applying products, doing this irritate the area making products come out funny when applied.

5. Not priming the face and eye area

Get eye makeup to stay in place by priming and setting the eyelids and entire face and let sit before makeup application. This ensures products stay in place all day.