Achieving the perfect makeup look during this festive season can be quite the challenge, and sometimes it can be difficult to have the perfect makeup-day.

Follow these steps to conceal wrinkles, pimples, dark circles, and more for the best look when you meet your friends and family this season.

  • Always apply a primer before you use a foundation.
  • Avoid luminous foundation and instead look for ones with the words sheer or invisible.

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  • Apply your foundation sparingly. Dab on six dime-size dots of foundation: two on your forehead, one each on the tip and along the sides of your nose, and the last on your chin.

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  • Using your two fingers blend the liquid toward the perimeter of your face.
  • Use your makeup sponge around the nose, over wrinkles, and anywhere your base is noticeable to remove excess foundation that can crease.

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  •  Dab a solid concealer over blemishes or dark spots that are still visible.
  • Dip a large, fluffy brush in loose translucent powder..