Experts recommend 10 minutes of doing absolutely nothing daily - Here’s why

Have you noticed you spend all your days working, watching movies or shows, and the rest of your time is spent on social media?

Benefits of doing nothing daily [Shuttershock]

Psychiatrists believe that to be effective, you have to spend time doing absolutely nothing, and it’s not about laziness.

There is no hard and fast rule for how long you should spend disconnected, but psychiatrists believe that as little as five to 10 minutes daily is enough to turn off your internet and unplug your devices.


You are more likely to come up with an original idea when you let your thoughts roam. After all, while strolling through an orchard, Isaac Newton witnessed an apple fall, which inspired the theory of gravity.

If you take breaks to do absolutely nothing, it enhances your capacity to reason, solve problems, and make better choices.

Have you ever spent hours reading or listening to a lengthy lecture and it felt like your brain was stuffed with information? To properly process what you have read or listened to, your brain needs to rest so you can take time to absorb, collect, and keep the information.


According to research, taking pauses increases focus and attentiveness. Studies have shown that taking regular pauses enhances focus and concentration, which makes you even more effective and productive when you get back to work.


When you are feeling overwhelmed and overburdened, it’s harder to maintain a positive attitude. However, mental rest enables you to refuel, control your emotions, and develop a positive outlook on life.

Spending time in quiet and stillness can encourage you to put others' needs ahead of your own. You tend to feel a greater sense of purpose. Taking a getaway can inspire you to engage in beneficial initiatives that transcend your personal life.


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