Harmattan: 5 life-saving tips to survive this season

The harmattan season is here and with it comes some cold, dryness and discomfort.

Harmattan: 5 life-saving tips to survive this season

Because there is a lot of dust particles being carried around by the wind, this gets into our eyes and may cause some allergy and redness.

Also, the skin is usually dry with accompanying cracking of lips, soles of the feet and sometimes the skin itself. This could also be accompanied by excessive sneezing and catarrh.

To avoid or minimise the harsh effects of the weather, here are some tips to help you survive the harmattan in Ghana.



You might not sweat as much during the harmattan but drinking water regularly is still strongly advised. Eating fruit is also recommended. Keeping hydrated helps to keep the skin smooth and reduces stress. People who stay outdoors during harmattan for long durations need to keep a balanced water level at all times.

Hand, hair and body care

Your hands, face, hair and body need just as much nourishing care as your lips do when harmattan strikes in Ghana. The sunny yet slightly chilling afternoons with chalky atmospheres cause thin films of dry dust to settle on your skin, especially with outdoor exposure. Regular showers are recommended, and oily moisturising body creams are essential.

Cover your face

The dryness that harmattan brings also encourages dried-out and irritated nasal passages so it is essential to carry a nose spray. The harsh harmattan is not the best season for asthmatics either, therefore, it’s recommended to keep your face covered, use air purifiers and inhalers when needed, and stay away from dusty places.


Fend off cracked lips

Wind-chilled and cracking chapped lips are seen everywhere the harmattan visits. For this reason, moisturisers, creams and balms meant for preventing dry lips are worth keeping nearby. Locally, shea butter, almond oil and anything vitamin E-based will be your best friend during this season. You can also try the easy Ghanaian homemade method of leaving thin slices of cucumber over your lips for five minutes.

Dress for harmattan

During cold harmattan phases, multiple layers become requisite as opposed to an option. However it gets warm quickly sometimes, and your overcoat will become unnecessary. Throw on a pair of jeans and layer a T-shirt under a sweater and don’t forget your dust resistant glasses.


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