A research has indicated that eating alone can increase an individual’s risk of developing a metabolic syndrome such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

This was disclosed by some researchers from Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital in Seoul, South Korea.

The study observed and spoke to 7,725 adults on how often they eat alone and compared it to their health.

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The study, published in Obesity Research & Clinical Practice, revealed that men who ate alone had a 45 percent increased risk of being obese and 64 percent for developing a metabolic syndrome.

Meanwhile, women in the study were 29 percent more likely to develop a metabolic syndrome if they ate alone twice or more per day.

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This research was conducted because people who live alone is increasing across the world, which can cause someone to feel lonely and make unhealthy choices when eating.

Previous studies have found that loneliness can increase the chances of someone eating more unhealthy foods.

Lonely people usually choose to eat junk food instead of fruits and vegetables.

This impacts their health and can increase the likelihood of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol or prediabetes.