STEP 1: Prime your tattoo

First and foremost, use a primer to ensure you have a smooth base before applying the makeup. It also allows your makeup to wear evenly throughout the day. Apply an even layer over your tattoo, then you’re ready to move on to the next step.

STEP 2: Use a colour corrector

This step is optional—if you have a tattoo that’s coloured, then you may want to start concealing with a colour correcting crayon. Choose one that you know will help mask the appearance of the colours in your tattoo.

STEP 3: Apply the foundation with a makeup blender

The best way to apply your foundation to help temporarily hide a tattoo is by using a makeup blender to help create a more even, seamless finish. Apply a full coverage foundation to the pointed tip of the blender then blend it out onto your tattoo using the rounded edge. Build up coverage as needed until the majority of your tattoo is disguised.

STEP 4: Follow up with a concealer

Next up is concealer! Use the shade from the palette that most closely matches your skin tone, or mix a couple to get your perfect match. As with the foundation, apply the concealer with a makeup blender. Put a small amount onto the blender dabbing the concealer on top of the foundation until you’ve completely concealed your tattoo.

STEP 5: Set the face powder

Use a fluffy brush dipped in face powder to set your makeup and keep the concealer and foundation from disappearing as the day goes on.

STEP 6: Spritz on makeup setting spray

If you want your makeup to have even more staying power, it can’t hurt to follow up with a makeup setting spray. A few spritzes of the setting spray before you step out.

STEP 7: Take your makeup off 

Use a makeup remover towel or wipe to clean off the makeup when you are ready to show it to the world.