Top beauty blogger shares real reason 'she applies her makeup weirdly'

Popular beauty vlogger releases a video replying critics why she applies her makeup a 'certain way'...

Jordan Bone

Jordan Bone has unveiled a 'tell all' video (still made a tutorial and it's well over three million views and counting) in response to people questioning why she applies her makeup in a 'weird' way.

Fans/people often come for the popular beauty blogger on social media asking why her hands are never closed or open when she's showing how to apply makeup in her Youtube videos and she released a video telling how she's been tetraplegic (a type of paralysis caused by illness or injury that results in the partial or total loss of use of all limbs and torso) for ten years!

The beauty blogger revealed she's being in the wheel chair all the time and slowly taught herself how to apply makeup on herself as that is the only thing she can do herself!

She posted the 'tell all' video revealing she edits out the different ways she gets around the disability usually by using her mouth to hold brushes while showing the struggles she goes through (bravely) to create her makeup looks.

She says, "#IAmMoreThan my disability! Teaching myself to be able to do my makeup again despite having paralysed hands after becoming a tetraplegic after a car accident 10 years ago was a massive achievement especially because I now feel good enough to teach others on ! My video #mybeautifulstruggle is to inspire others to know that where there is darkness there is always light & was inspired by people rudely asking 'why does she hold a brush like that?!' 'What's wrong with her hands?!'! Anything is possible"

Watch the inspiring video below.


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