6 home remedies for hiccups

Take nine to ten quick slip of water in a row to get rid of hiccups.

Eat something sour

Eating something like a lemon or a teaspoon of vinegar will make your muscles contract and is believed to stop the hiccups.

A spoonful of sugar

Eating a spoonful of sugar is an another great remedy for hiccups and children most especially love it.

Mouth massage

There is no scientific backing to this but some people say it worked for them. Stick your tongue out and gently massage the back of the roof of your mouth. This action stimulates the vagus nerve, which stops the spasms in your diaphragm that are the cause of hiccups.

Drink warm soda

Soda water is a refreshingly good drink and a good option if you don’t take sugar. Drinking a couple of big gulps of warm soda will invariably make you burp and burping seems to stop the hiccups.

Take a deep breath

Taking a deep breath and holding it seems to dissuade the hiccups from coming up. While you are holding your breath, try and move your diaphragm, as though you were breathing, and that will make the hiccups disappear.

A spoonful of peanut butter

We all love chocolate peanut butter spread for breakfast. To treat hiccups, take a spoonful of peanut butter, hold it your mouth for ten seconds and then, swallow it whole, without chewing. The deep swallowing action should ease the hiccups for you.


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