Want to get rid of acne? Try this toothpaste method

Pimples can be really annoying and should be tagged face spoilers. However, rather than scratch them off your skin, just use this effective toothpaste method.


Unfortunately, these skin inflammations called pimples can be really annoying especially when they bombard our faces leaving us helpless to one or two pieces of advice from friends about how we need to stay away from groundnut, butter and a good number of oily foods.

It even gets worst when you just can't get your hands off a pimple in an attempt to spill the content and have your smooth, fresh skin once again. But then, it never goes unnoticed, always leaving dark spots on those areas, forcing us to patiently wait for it to clear out naturally without wanting to hasten up the healing process.

Masking that pimple with all sort of makeup/cosmetics products becomes an alternative to having the smooth skin we desire.

Anyway, nearly everyone hopes for a magical treatment that can actually get these pimples out overnight (or at least sooner than expected).

Here's a trick to getting that pimple out- the toothpaste method.

Toothpaste contains an antibacterial ingredient called triclosan which is found in items like soap, deodorant and body wash. Triclosan is 99.6% effective at removing germs, which allows it to remove pimple-causing bacteria and is also known to kill propionibacterium acnes (the bacteria that causes acne).

Here's how to use toothpaste to get rid of that disturbing pimple.

1. Choose the right kind of toothpaste.

A plain white toothpaste (any toothpaste without additional colours) with a minty flavour (because of the cooling effect on your skin) is best for this treatment.

Avoid any kind of toothpaste that has additives, such as cavity-fighting properties, whitening agents, or extra fluorides.

2. Apply it to your face

Before you apply the toothpaste, you need to gently wash your face with water and dry with a clean towel.

Squeeze just a tiny bit of the paste and apply lightly on the affected areas. Leave it for an hour or two or you could even leave it all night long.

Note: You don't need to apply the toothpaste all over your face because toothpaste dries out pimples. Applying it all over your face may cause your skin to dry out.

3. Wash off with cool water

You do not need to use soap or any facial cleanser to wash the toothpaste off. Just wash it off with cool water or a damp towel.

The pimples should be dried out or reduced in size at this point.


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