Should you be washing your hair with cold water?

Washing hair with cold water is another common hair care trend, but is it really a good idea?

Should you be washing your hair with cold water? [iStockphoto]

Trichologist Martyna Pobuta explains whether washing your hair with cold water is a blessing or a curse.

It turns out that washing your hair with cold water has some advantages that not everyone is aware of. In some cases, however, it may do more harm than good.

Cold water helps close the hair cuticles, which can make your hair less prone to frizz. Closed hair cuticles create a smooth surface, which helps keep your hairstyle in check.


Washing your hair with cold water stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Better blood supply to the scalp contributes to faster hair growth and improved condition.

Cold water effectively closes the hair cuticles, making the hair shinier and smoother. Closed cuticles reflect more light, which adds a healthy shine to the hair.

Washing your hair with cold water can be unpleasant, especially in the colder months. This can be especially difficult for people who are sensitive to low temperatures.

Cool water may be less effective at removing everyday contaminants such as oils and sebum. This may lead to the scalp feeling greasy.


Some dermo-cosmetics for the scalp work better in contact with warm water, which may limit the effectiveness of care treatments using cold water.

Use warm water to wash your hair to effectively remove impurities, sebum and oils. After washing your hair, rinse it with cold water to close the hair cuticles. This will make your hair shinier, smoother and easier to comb.

Each person has a different scalp and hair type, so their reaction to water temperature may vary. It is important to tailor care to individual needs. It is worth experimenting and observing what works best for our hair. Thanks to this, we can provide the scalp and hair with appropriate care, ensuring their health and appearance.


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