This Ghanaian woman earns a living by doing the ugly side of makeup

Pulse Ghana's Lifestyle Editor, Portia Arthur tells the story of a Ghanaian woman whose love and passion for her craft have made her fearless to watch rare photos and accident scenes that men fear to gaze or glance.

Having professionally trained to be a makeup artist, Nana Akua Amoakoah does the contours, eyebrows, light and heavy makeups to make people beautiful.

But there is an ugly side in her makeup world – special effects.

Adinkrahemaa got into the movie industry by just sharing her trials on her siblings on social media. She wanted a place to recreate the bloody effects she saw.

“While watching horror movies, I captured the gory images and started using my siblings as prototypes. It was a learning phase and fun as well. I didn’t have the real ingredients used by the Hollywood so I had to recreate my own using my makeup, kitchen ingredients, and cosmetic products.

I uploaded the photos on social media and my passion for special effects elevated. I got my official job on a set of Ghanaian movie, Royal Diadem and the journey so far has been worth the while,” she narrates to Lifestyle Associate editor, Portia Arthur.

Greatness has a cost and mother-of-one, Adinkrahemaa says her and family and friends have also ridiculed her for locking herself up in a dark room to watch horror movies.

“I watch horror movies in the dark on giant screens. I want to know how incidents happen, the process and how people in Hollywood do their special effects so I can apply the same here in Ghana”.

The love and passion for her craft have made her fearless and given her some inner strength to watch rare photos and accident scenes that men fear to gaze or glance.

“May his soul rest in peace but when the late Major Mahama’s videos were circulating on social media, you might find it strange but I enjoyed watching it and I repeated it for 10 times over.

“Now, I know the effect if someone hits me with a medium size stone for once. I know how to recreate it in Ghanaian movies. When I go on set and I am given a script, I find mistakes and alert my director. When someone is shot with a small pistol in a long range, I know what to do.”

The power of makeup is beyond understanding and can produce great transformation. It is lucrative too as Nana Akua narrates how 10 days on set can fetch her ‘good money’.

Adinkrahemaa can make everything look beautiful with makeup. Ugly? She does that too at equal measure based on preference.


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