Beard growth is primarily regulated by the production of testosterone and DHT. Our diets can actually boost facial hair growth when we ingest foods that promote the synthesis of these two androgens and make it easier for our bodies to utilize them.

Put an end to your baby smooth face by introducing these nutrient-rich foods into your diet. 

Brazilian Nuts

Brazilian Nuts Brazilian Nuts

Selenium, an important mineral for hair growth is found in Brazilian nuts. Eating a minimum of two nuts a day can naturally speed up your beard growth. 


Roasted potatoes Roasted potatoes

Potatoes are a rich source of carbohydrates which in turn boost the DHT, the main hormone responsible for facial hair growth. 

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Roast beef Roast beef

Saturated fat is an essential fatty acid for the production of testosterone. And including beef in your diet can give your body the fats is essential for healthy hair growth. 


Sunny eggs Sunny eggs

Eggs are a rich source of biotin, which is a vitamin that is vital for healthy hair. 


kale kale

Kale is a high source of vitamin A, which the body uses to repair skin tissues. A healthy skin promotes full and strong facial hair.