4 reasons your hair isn't growing

One of the joys of womanhood is having a headful of healthy and beautiful hair.

4 reasons your hair isn't growing

Many women invest in a lot of different hair products so they can make this dream a reality but most often some women experience breakages and no growth at all and these can be due to several reasons.

These 4 reasons may be why you haven't been able to achieve your dream of having a head full of hair:

1. Chill Out about hair growth:

· Problem: If you're always stressing about your hair growing, it might not actually help.


· Solution: Take it easy. Care for your hair, but don't obsess over its length. Just let it grow naturally without constant worry.

2. Stick to a hairstyle for a bit:

· Problem: Changing hairstyles too often can strain your hair, especially with different protective styles.

· Solution: Let your hair take a break. If you get braids, keep them for around three weeks to a month before trying something new.

3. Don't neglect your hair:


· Problem: Leaving your hair alone for too long or neglecting it can lead to breakages and damage.

· Solution: Find a balance. Don't keep braids for too long, and don't ignore your hair for extended periods. Get protective styles regularly.

4. Moisturize before combing:

· Problem: Combing your hair too much, especially without moisturizer, can cause breakages.

· Solution: Use a moisturizer before combing your hair. It helps prevent damage and keeps your hair healthy.


In simple terms, relax about your hair, give it a break between styles, take care of it regularly, and always use moisturizer before combing to keep it strong and beautiful.


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