Myth or Truth: Does sitting in a bucket make your butt grow bigger?

When we were much younger there was a rumor that sitting in a bucket could make our butts bigger.

Lady with big butt

This idea captured the imagination of many, and in our boarding houses, it became a common sight on laundry days to see students seated on one bucket while washing with the other.

The belief? That hours spent atop this humble vessel would somehow grant us a mountain behind our backs.

Though this practice lacked any substantial scientific validation, it's often said that every rumor harbors a grain of truth.

Curiously enough, some women who dared to try this method reported notable results.


They spoke of discomfort, the occasional pain in their hips and buttocks—probably because of how the bucket is shaped.

Yet, they persisted, and over time, they claimed to have achieved the desired outcome.

To those curious souls out there, if you have a spare bucket, you may be tempted to undertake this peculiar experiment.

Who knows? It might dispel the myth, or perhaps, against all odds, it could yield surprising results.

The act itself poses minimal risk—unless, of course, you happen to suffer the unfortunate fate of a broken bucket beneath you.


In life, research, trial, and error often lead us to unexpected discoveries.

While sitting on a bucket may seem like a whimsical pursuit, it serves as a reminder that the quest for knowledge knows no bounds.

So, why not embark on this peculiar journey and share your findings with friends?

After all, in the pursuit of truth, sometimes the most unassuming methods lead to the most astonishing revelations.


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