If you're a new hire in an organization, here's what you need to do to succeed in your new job.

Starting a new job comes with a lot of expectations. As a new employee, you’re expected to get used to the workplace culture, learn your responsibilities and at the same time, prove that you’re the right person for the position.

You will also have to make a good impression from the onset and seamlessly fit in with your new colleagues. If you’re a new hire and you're struggling with all these expectations, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these seven tips on what to do in your first three months on the job. 

1. Learn the organizational culture and adapt

The first three months of your employment is important to learn everything you need to know about the company. (gtb)

Learning, understanding and adapting to the culture of the organization helps you settle into the job and gives you the needed impetus to get along with your new colleagues easily. In your first three months, it’s important you learn what makes the organization special and how employees thrive. 

2. Find out why people stay or leave the organization

Meet your co-workers and ask questions. (Shutterstock)

Before you were hired, someone was in your position and there must have been a reason why the person left. As a new hire, you should find out why people leave the organization.

Seek out colleagues who have stayed in the company for a long time and inquire about what has kept them there for so long. This might give you a better and clearer understanding of the company.

3. Build relationships with your colleagues

Build a sound relationship with your colleagues. (Shutterstock)

As the new guy in the office, you will need to build relationship with your team members and everyone the HR has introduced you to because you will need their help to get into your stride. This will also allow you to build a rapport with leaders in the company.

4. Gather information

Your attitude to work can get your boss to like you. (Madamenoire)

To know more about the company, gather information from some of your colleagues by asking questions. This will present you as a proactive employee who is eager to know more about the company.

The information you gather from your inquiries might help you come up with a plan to succeed at your job.

5. Get to know the HR team

Meet the HR team too, they are very important. (Shutterstock)

The Human Resources team is one of the most influential teams in the organization and you shouldn’t overlook the people that make up this team. 

6. Learn the company’s unwritten rules

As a new employee, make effort to know the rules of the organization. (lionessesofafrica)

Every organization has rules that guide its operation and employees’ conduct, but some rules might not be written in the organization’s handbook. Therefore, it's important for you, as a new employee, to understand these rules. 

7. Ask others what you should do to succeed

Don't be shy to meet people and ask questions as a new employee. (Econetwireless)

Since you’re a new hire, you’ll most likely need your colleagues' advice on what to do to establish yourself as a diligent employee. Talk to your team mates, your superiors and someone in the HR team.

Have great conversations with everyone you meet in the company; and don’t forget to ask questions about what you need to do to succeed in the company from people that matter.