Here’s why you need to publish content when you’re looking for job

Writing and publishing content online is one of the easiest ways to endear yourself to employers. Read these tips to get started.

Write and endear yourself to hiring managers.

Regardless of the industry you want to work in, publishing relevant contents and sharing them on social media can get you the job fast.

For instance, if you publish your opinions on a platform like LinkedIn, the professionals and the employers you follow on the platform might check you out.

They may be impressed by the fact that, as a job seeking graduate, you’ve got sound opinions about trend and industry issues and also take the initiative to get your thoughts out on social media and blog sites.


Writing and publishing your thoughts regularly can distinguish you from other job seekers who don’t have any portfolio to decorate their credentials.

How then can you endear yourself to employers just by publishing online? Don’t stress. Here are tips you need to make hiring managers bring the job to you.

As a famous professional you aspire to become, sharing your knowledge with people should be something you do regularly. Writing opinion articles and publishing online is a fast and powerful way to build your online presence and your brand. The more you share your knowledge on social media and blog posts, the more relevance you gain in your industry. And this in the long run helps you build a distinct identity.


 If you are seriously searching for a job, LinkedIn is the best social media platform that helps you get your thoughts out to industry leaders, hiring managers and employers. However, these people are also on other platforms like Twitter and Medium. You can take your message to those platforms too to expand your reach.

The more your content is amplified online, the higher the likelihood that a recruiter will notice you through social media and search engines and reaches out to you.


Publishing contents regularly like once or twice a week helps to solidify your footprints online. Don’t get tired of writing and publishing even if employers are not reaching out to you yet. Eventually, the articles you publish will endear you to a hiring manager or an employer. It’s just a matter of time.


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