You shouldn't really be surprised if you see anyone who really can’t specifically tell you about their skillsets. It doesn’t mean the person has no skill at all, he/she just doesn’t know how to identify or recognize the skills they have.

Highlighting your skills in your resume is important for your job search because most employers only offer jobs based on the skills of potential employees, not their academic certificates.

However, if you’re not sure about your skills, answering these three question could help you determine your abilities or expertise.

What do you enjoy doing?

Consider your interest before choosing a career.

To determine your skills, it’s important you identify the tasks that make you feel extremely competent. If you’re good at explaining, advising and answering people’s questions, that might be taken as ‘communication skills’ or 'customer service abilities' and you can proudly state this in your CV. 

2. What gets you compliment?

Whatever gets you compliment from people is actually a skill, leverage on it. (That Sister)

Think about those things you do that get you compliment from people. What does your co-workers commend you for every time? You need to identify the reason why people acknowledge you. It could be because of how you pay attention to details; it could be your ability to solve problems; it could also be your friendliness with your colleagues. Think about it, whatever gets you praises is actually a skill you can highlight in your CV.

3. What have you done at your job?

If you can't identify your skills, look at your job descriptions, you'll find your skills.

If you have a job and you really can’t identify your core skills, check your job descriptions. If your roles requires you to do certain task every time, then think about the skills necessary to do the work. 

If you’re an undergraduate with no job experience, check out what you do almost every day. If that thing keeps you busy every time, then there’s a skill set in there.

Do you like to use social media to create conversations? To inform people about trending issues? If you get busy dong any of these every time, you likely have a skill in social media management.