There are some wrong beliefs about LinkedIn among undergraduates. While some see the platform as another social media network like Facebook and Twitter, others see it as a job board like Jobberman. 

To an extent, both assumptions are right, but unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is a platform designed for professionals and it gives you more than what a job board will offer you in terms of job searching.

As an undergraduate, your presence on LinkedIn can prepare and position you for your dream job after graduation. Here are top five reasons you should be on LinkedIn.

You build a network of professional contacts

Gr8jobsng & BusinessDay Career Fair : You can meet many professionals at career events. (Gr8jobsng)

Your network of contacts has a lot to do with your career advancement. According to Adegbite Oreoluwa, the country manager of careers24, getting a job in Nigeria is still largely based on referrals. In other words, landing a job is as much about what you know, as it is about who you know. If you’re already on LinkedIn, start with professionals in your industry, the bigger your network, the higher your chance of being referred to a job role.

2. You get job alerts

You can receive job alerts on LinkedIn. (Shutterstock)

LinkedIn is an incredibly useful tool you can use when it comes to job searching. You can set it to send you job alerts for certain companies, job titles or industries. 

3. It aids your research for job interview

Following companies on LinkedIn can get you informed about the organizations (Muse)

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking but with your LinkedIn account, you can conduct a research about a company and prospective employees before going for the interview. This helps you go for the interview feeling prepared and confident.