Platform to encourage NGOs with massive live impact

Empower the people at the grassroots with structured Educational, Agricultural and Technology programs. We would also participate in community development to empower youth at the grassroots.

President and Founder of the African Economic Merits Awards [AEMA], McEva Temofe, during a press briefing on October 28, 2015 stated the aim of the awards is to appreciate and encourage successful entrepreneurs towards initiating more grassroots development.

Read his comments below;

It is a prize or other mark of recognition given in honour of an achievement.

This is to awaken the minds of the public to compete in community quality contributions.

There are other awards, but…

To encourage / appreciate successful entrepreneurs towards initiating more grassroots development. This platform is to encourage / appreciate NGOs with massive live impact. To promote African business and project African work. Empower the people at the grassroots with structured Educational, Agricultural and Technology programs. We would also participate in community development to empower youth at the grassroots.

This platform has been created to give a face lift to Africa and African youth. This would be one of the most prestigious awards to be produced in Africa.

Now! It would be, because of the process of awarding and structure on ground. The prestigious African Economic Merit Awards plaque carries a world class standard with a piece of gold, fine stone, fine glass and brass. This will be exclusively designed by a luxury watch jeweller and accessories designer.

This will be accompanied by a certificate of commendation scrutinised by the advisory committee members, approved by the jury board and signed by the president and founder, African Economic Merit Awards.

Our Advisory Committee Members are high profile individuals that have a credible record across Africa. The advisory committee will support the work of the jury and the secretariat by providing advice and guidance on the development of the award programme.

The advisory committee will be composed of experts representing a variety of sectors (international organisations, NGOs, foundations and corporations) who specialize in education, business/management, legal practice and corporate social responsibility). They would be functioning hand-in-hand with some of our executive team and give report to the Jury Committee.

The juries are our patrons, headed by our grand patron. These individuals are silent personalities on AEMA, but, will, that is, our grand patron will be officially announced to the public during our WORLD PRESS CONFERENCE next year. A quick hint, he is a Kenyan.

This project is riding on the platform of PurplrHundred-a-McEva Media Company.

As at today, with the hard work of my team and I, we cover 17 African countries, which are:

The interest of our country directors is the belief in the leadership of this Pan-African project and the initiation of post projects to develop grassroots communities.

(Leadership, it is an opportunity for impact not an opportunity for income. A privilege to make a positive mark on people that cannot be erased)

Our country director in South Africa, Kingsley Alf said to me, “if African Economic Merit Awards is a platform to recognise and build lives of young entrepreneurs, I am fully interested” and today, South-Africa has been well structured and the 3 edition of African Economic Merit Awards would be held in South-Africa come 2018.

When the primary aim of African Economic Merit Awards was defined, we thought of generations past and generation next!

We said, let us encourage and stimulate the international business community to power growth in the grassroots to adopt ethical business / entrepreneurial standard. To raise awareness among business leaders and employees on recognising local creative and productive minds.

On this platform, we develop community empowerment programmes for sustainable growth and peaceful co-existence. As a brand made up of dynamic, self-motivated youth, we intend to harness Africa’s Economic, business and social resources using modern administrative methods.

We also aim to encourage job creation across Africa through our grassroots community development programs and encourage smaller businesses by creating awareness and synergy between craftsmanship, business prospects and governmental bodies saddled with similar business development programs in a bid to build sustainable future for Africans. We are also working to encourage creative ideas and business skills to power ideas of craftsmanship into a successful future.

African Economic Merit Awards, is a project beyond awarding successful African Entrepreneurs and celebrating unrecognised NGOs that have contributed immensely to the development of communities. We thank ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) and Commonwealth Awards for believing in this creative vision and giving full support. Once again, we say thank.

AEMA is beyond an award, this is a movement!

This is a feature by African Economic Merits Awards


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