SKY Girls bring out the big guns at the Silverbird Cinema

Sugar, Spice and Sauce was a brilliantly crafted story about self-discovery, friendships and parenting all with the aim of pushing an anti-tobacco campaign.

But No, this was all for Sugar, Spice and Sauce. The new exciting teen movie made here in Ghana by Now Available Africa in Collaboration with 3 Channel Direct.

In it you’ll find names like Cina Soul, seasoned actors like Senanu Gbedawo and appearances from stars like Adina Thembi and Caroline of Yfm in it.

The bulk of our audience we selected from schools like Achimota Senior High, Labone Senior High and Merton international to mention a few.


Now let me take you a few years back to the launch of SKY Girls in Ghana.

Over the years, tobacco smoking has insidiously made its way into the lives of young women in Ghana and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation launched the SKY Girls project to wrestle this issue.

SKY Girls, a sisterhood of teen girls that help girls stay true to themselves and this project is handled by Now Available Africa.

Here, the plan is to nip the issue in the bud by having young girls cultivate the habit of shunning tobacco even before they reach a certain age.

Sugar, Spice and Sauce is the latest addition to the SKY Girls anti-tobacco arsenal. Talk about bringing a gun to a knife fight.


At the premiere, everyone was glued to the movie throughout, from the ups where they broke out in laughter and cheers to the lows were the auditorium was filled with “awws” and silence.

It didn’t end there. The cherry on top still awaited the girls outside in the lobby, where they interacted, took pictures and got autographs from the characters they had just fallen in love with on the big screen.

The response to the movie was amazing. “I could resonate with the characters. Being pressured into doing what you don’t want to do because you don’t want to be branded as archaic. But that shouldn’t be the case” was a comment from one of the girls.

A teacher said “Perfect movie. We want more of these” while a parent’s comment was “Parents also have a lot to learn from this movie. Like how to bond with our kids and support them“.

After such a successful premiere Sugar, Spice and Sauce is currently on a school tour where thousands of girls will also get to experience it and even win cool prizes for watching.


Not to worry if the movie train hasn’t made it to your daughter’s school yet, it can also be found on the SKY Girls youtube channel where it can be watched for absolutely free at a zero data charge.

Sugar, Spice and Sauce has proven to be an exciting movie filled with laughs, adventure, music and everything teen girls’ love that will leave you wanting more.

Rumour has it that a sequel will be shot soon.


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