A video of a female fan of Nigeria’s biggest act Wizkid who bundled off stage after fighting his bodyguards just to touch him at just

Some fans normally get over-excited and do some of the craziest things just to get on stage to perhaps perform with their stars.That was what happened to Wizkid in the course of his performance

Performing to the amusement of the crowd, a female fan of Wizkid literally threw herself on stage, walking straight towards Wizkid.


However, Wizkid’s entourage was quick to step in, with four security guards rushing onto the stage but two gripping her away whiles the others looked on.


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She caused a spectacle on stage when she tussled with the bodyguards and suddenly collapsed on the stage whilst Wizkid continued singing and dancing to his ‘Caro’ track.

She was then carried away and was finally thrown at the stage’s basement to allow the performance to properly continue.

Tasha - Kotosa