Check out where to get "Nana Means King" tickets

Check out where to get "Nana Means King" tickets below.

14th November, 2015. Nana Means  King is set to convey high impact social message and world class visual entertainment.

Listen, 10% discounts are on all tickets purchased via our online ticketing platform. Please visit on weekends and get this best of treats.

To you our cherished first viewers whom we seek to entertain as a royal, check out the following outlets.

1. Koala; OSU and Airport

2. Baatsona Total - you are sure of a good service totally.

3. Exotic Trend Saloons; AnC Mall, OSU, Westhills Mall.

4. MaxMart 37, AnC Mall and Dzorwulu.

5. Fotostore; Accra Mall, OSU Mall, AnC Mall, and Westhills Mall - Don't exit any of these malls if your purchases exclude Nana Means King ticket(s).

6. El Gusta - Airport

Here and again, for those of us who can't visit the places anytime soon before the premiere, kindly visit on weekends and book for the family with 10% discount each and get FREE delivery.

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