Reflo's TV Show: Dealing with stress and anxiety

In a world filled with challenges, Reflo's TV show on Metro TV, hosted by Michy every Friday night at 9 pm, stands out as a beacon of support and understanding.

Reflo's TV Show: Dealing with stress and anxiety

The show, featuring an incredible lineup of personalities—Ms. Candid, Church Girl, Barbie, Womanist, and Maverick—dives into the heart of an issue affecting many: stress and anxiety.

Understanding the Hosts:

Ms. Candid: Known for her honesty and openness, Ms. Candid shares personal experiences and practical tips on dealing with stress.

Church Girl: Offering a spiritual perspective, Church Girl explores how faith and mindfulness can be powerful tools in overcoming anxiety.


Barbie: Bringing a touch of humor to serious topics, Barbie injects laughter into the conversation, reminding viewers to find joy even in challenging times.

Womanist: Advocating for women's well-being, Womanist sheds light on the unique stressors women face and strategies to navigate them.

Maverick: Known for her bold approach, Maverick addresses stress head-on, encouraging viewers to embrace resilience and strength.

Show Dynamics:

Directed by the talented duo, Rebecca Osam and Emmanuel Appiah, the show creates a safe space for open dialogue. The hosts share personal stories, expert insights, and engage with the audience, fostering a sense of community.


Key Topics Covered:

Identifying Stress Triggers: The hosts delve into recognizing what causes stress and anxiety, providing viewers with tools to identify and understand their triggers.

Coping Mechanisms: Practical tips and coping mechanisms are explored, ensuring the audience has a toolkit for managing stress in various aspects of life.

Mindfulness and Wellness: Church Girl introduces mindfulness practices, emphasizing the importance of mental and emotional well-being.

Community Support: Womanist emphasizes the strength found in community, encouraging viewers to seek support from friends and family.


Breaking Stigmas: Maverick takes on the stigma surrounding mental health, advocating for open conversations to reduce shame and promote understanding.

Recap on Reflo's TV YouTube Channel:

For those who miss the live show, a recap is available on Reflo's TV YouTube channel. This ensures that the valuable insights and discussions are accessible to a broader audience, extending the show's impact beyond its initial airing.

In conclusion, Reflo's TV show on the topic of stress and anxiety is more than just a discussion; it's a lifeline for those grappling with the challenges of daily life. With Michy at the helm and a diverse group of hosts, the show offers a holistic approach to dealing with stress, making it relatable, informative, and, most importantly, a source of hope for viewers.

Directed by Rebecca Osam and Emmanuel Appiah, this dynamic show is a testament to the power of media in fostering understanding and support for mental health.


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