From luxury brands , to even our favorite style tabloid, looks like the world of fashion is hot on the social media tip here in Ghana, snapping up some of the most stylish shots we’ve ever seen on a mobile device!

When you’re looking for some stunning outfit inspiration , it’s as easy as plugging in a descriptive hashtag or simply scrolling through your feed on social media in the morning. Just follow your these amazing style influencers here for a daily dose of style delivered straight to you!

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Need somewhere to start? Take a look at five of my favorite fashion babes you should be taking some great style influence from.

1.Nana Akua Addo

Nana Akua Addo is arguably the most stylish Ghanaian personality. Her style qualities have earned her numerous fashion awards here in Ghana and the world at large. (3 times Glitz Award winner, 2 times Abryanz Award winner, 2 times Africa Magic Viewers Choice awards winner) She is notable for wearing luxury brands and works closely with the internationally renowned designer, Leo Amodal

2.Lharley Lhartey

Lharley Lhartey, a self-made style gem! She won the best budding 2018 style influencer at the Glitz Style Awards for very obvious reason; the debonair qualities she exudes. The young successful fashion empress does it to perfection and leaves spectators with some goosebumps effect anytime she turns up at an event. A perfect style guide for your outfit choices.

3.Empress Jamila

If you want to know why most Ghanaian celebrities turn to Empress Jamila, one of Ghana's most revered stylist for fashion consultancy then check her page out. What makes this beautiful slayer stand out is 'Style Completion'. She executes every bit and piece of her look; from her hair, accessories, nails, and shoes. She puts every little detail into consideration.

4.Zynell Zuh

Are you the type that likes the 'extra effect'? If yes, actress Zynnell Zuh is the best style guide for you. She is labeled the queen of extravaganza fashion; with the fur embellishments and voluminous details. Zynnell is the perfect fashion inspiration if you really want to turn heads.

5.Anita Akuffo

We love the fashion choices of Gh one's new anchor, Annita Akuffo for very apparent reasons.; elegance. She is a minimalist when it comes to apparels but knows how to make her fashion statement burb class and sophistication. However she does it, we just do not know. She is everything ethereal. A must follow on social media for style inspiration.