Colors you wear that make you sexy to others

The most feminine of colors this will give others a sense of how soft, sweet and nurturing you are.

Various studies have been conducted exploring color psychology and color therapy. Many of them have found that the colors you wear actually effect how others perceive how attractive you are.

Red has been portraying the color of love for centuries and black gives you an instant sense of mystery and sophistication. Colors provoke emotions and feelings.

There are colors that denote calmness and colors that promote passion. Response to a color may be influenced by a number of factors such as the body’s craving for a specific color and memories associated with a color. Psychologists have found an association between color and sexual patterns.

What color you wear not only mirrors the sexual you, it will draw others to you. How the colors your wear make you sexually attractive to others: Black: This will give others the impression that you are sophisticated and elegant. Black is the color of seduction, it projects an air of mystery and can make others think of sex. Red: This is the color of sex, lust and love. It is often called the most romantic of colors. It actually makes men feel more amorous towards women. It evokes feelings of passion, excitement and impulsiveness. Blue: This color evokes feelings of trust and reliability. It may give someone a sense of belonging, loyalty and peace. Wearing this color may make you portray security.Brown: This earth tone gives you a sense of solidity. Brown is a color that portrays conservativeness. Others may be attracted to you while wearing this because it evokes feelings of dependability. Copper/Bronze/Gold: These metallic tones portray passion, love, friendship and sex. These tones also give an elite sense of authority. A person wearing these colors may be sexually in charge.Green: This color is a healing color and may make you come across as a harmonious natured lover. Magenta: The color of power, you will be a magnet full of sexual attractiveness. Orange: This may not be the most popular of garment choices but it can make you come across as playful and vibrant in bed.


Pink: The most feminine of colors this will give others a sense of how soft, sweet and nurturing you are.Purple: This broad choice is the color of royalty, you may inspire others by wearing this. People will perceive you as sexually distinguished.

Turquoise: This is the color of intuition and insight. Others may find you attractive just because you know how to please them.

White: Purity may be how others portray you while wearing white. They may be attracted to you as white gives a sense of cleanliness.



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