Check out what Fella Makafui wore to her movie premiere

On Saturday, actress Fella Makafui graced the red carpet for the premiere of her highly anticipated movie "Resonance" in Kumasi.

Simple and elegant

The event was a star-studded affair, attracting a lot of buzz and excitement among fans and the film industry. Fella, known for her bold fashion choices and charismatic presence, did not disappoint.

She looked absolutely stunning in her kente dress, turning heads and setting a new standard for red-carpet glamour.

The premiere was more than just a showcase of her acting talents; it was also a celebration of her impeccable style and the rich cultural heritage of Ghanaian fashion.


Fella’s dress was a beautiful blend of red, gold, green, and black—colors that are proudly represented in the Ghanaian flag.

The kente dress featured an artistic V-neck design that showcased some tasteful cleavage, with shell-like embellishments covering the breast area and adorning the ends of the dress. The intricate design added a touch of elegance and cultural richness to her look.

To complete her stunning ensemble, Fella wore a pair of silver high heels that perfectly complemented her dress. Her hair, styled with golden highlights, matched the golden accents in her dress, adding a cohesive and radiant touch to her overall appearance.


Fella Makafui’s fans and friends were quick to share their compliments, flooding social media with praise for her impeccable fashion sense and the success of her movie premiere. Comments highlighted her beauty, the creativity of her dress, and the vibrant energy she brought to the event.

Fella Makafui’s premiere of "Resonance" was not just a celebration of her new movie, but also a showcase of stunning Ghanaian fashion.


Her kente dress, with its bold colors and intricate design, stood out as a highlight of the evening, earning her well-deserved admiration from fans and friends alike. It was a night to remember, marked by cultural pride, elegance, and the glamour of the red carpet.


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