How Asantehene and Ga Mantse showed off their royalty during historic meeting

On June 9th, 2024, history was made when Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II met Ga Mantse Nii Teiko Tackie Tsuru II at his palace in Kaneshie.

Asantene and Ga Mantse

This iconic visit was all about celebrating the deep ties between the Ga and Ashanti people. And, of course, it came with a spectacular showcase of rich cultural fashion. Let’s dive into what these two royals wore.

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II brought out the big guns with his outfit, flaunting the colors of the Asante kingdom. His kente was a vibrant mix of green and yellow, with striking highlights of red, black, and blue.

The kente wasn’t just about the colors, though—it featured the porcupine, the totem of the Asante people, symbolizing their resilience and strength.


Otumfuo didn’t stop there. He wore multiple gold rings on his fingers, a golden bracelet draped over his shoulder, and a majestic golden headpiece.

To top it all off, he rocked Ahene mma sandals, showcasing the mineral wealth of the Asante kingdom. It was a look that screamed royalty and tradition.

Not to be outdone, Ga Mantse Nii Teiko Tackie stepped up in a stunning blue and white kente, the colors representing his people.


His kente was adorned with the Ga Samai and had symbolic Ga leaves around his neck, signifying spirituality and a deep connection with nature.

In a beautiful nod to unity, the Ga Mantse’s kente also had highlights of the Asante kingdom's colors embroidered in it. This touch symbolized the harmony between the two tribes, making his outfit not only gorgeous but also meaningful.

This grand meeting wasn’t just about talks and ceremonies; it was a vibrant display of cultural pride and unity.

Both the Asantehene and the Ga Mantse looked absolutely regal, each wearing attire that represented their heritage and the strong bond between their people. It was a sight to behold, and a moment that beautifully blended tradition with symbolism.



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