Here are 9 iconic red and black outfits that graced the TGMA red carpet

The TGMA red carpet is always a spectacle of style and sophistication, and this year was no exception.

Iconic red and black outfits

The event was a dazzling showcase of fashion-forward statements and glamorous ensembles that left fans and fashionistas alike in awe. Here’s a look at some of the most iconic outfits from the evening:

Afua Asantewaa's sparkly black gown

Afua Asantewaa stole the spotlight in a mesmerizing black gown that glittered under the red carpet lights. The dress’s intricate sparkle design and elegant silhouette made it a perfect choice for the evening, encapsulating both luxury and style.


Stonebwoy's pearly black suit

Not to be outdone, Stonebwoy brought his A-game in a sleek black suit embellished with subtle pearl accents. This unique twist on a classic suit added a touch of extravagance without sacrificing the traditional charm of a well-tailored outfit.

Laali and Lola's hot red ensemble

Laali and Lola made a striking pair in matching hot red dresses complemented by fiery red hair. Their coordinated looks created a powerful and unified statement, blending bold colors with an intense style that perfectly matched the night’s vibrant energy.


Fella Makafui's sexy red bodycon gown

Fella Makafui turned heads in a stunning red bodycon gown that swept across the carpet. Her choice of a bold color and form-fitting design emphasized her confident and alluring persona, making it one of the night’s standout pieces.

Aba Dope's regal red ball gown


Aba Dope opted for a more dramatic and traditional look with a voluminous red ball gown. The gown’s expansive silhouette and vibrant hue made a royal statement that was both eye-catching and stylish.

Gyakie's pearl-studded red lace dress

Gyakie added a touch of whimsy and elegance with her red lace dress adorned with delicate pearls. The combination of lace and pearls provided a romantic yet trendy vibe, perfect for the glamorous night.


Benedicta Gafah's bright red bodycon gown and headgear

Benedicta Gafah was a vision in red, wearing a bright bodycon gown paired with matching pearly red and gold headgear. This ensemble not only enhanced her natural beauty but also added a cultural flair that was both impressive and inspiring.

Wesley Kesse's red flowery suit

Wesley Kesse stood out with his choice of a flowery suit, breaking away from the traditional solid style. His suit was a bold statement in red floral print, showcasing a fearless approach to red carpet fashion.


Wendy Shay's all black see-through gown

Wendy Shay embraced a daring and edgy look with an all-black see-through gown. This choice was not only bold but also a display of fashion-forward thinking, blending sensuality with high fashion.

Each of these celebrities brought their unique style to the red carpet, making the TGMA a memorable event for fashion enthusiasts. Their choices reflect their personal style while also setting trends that will undoubtedly influence fashionistas for months to come.


As the stars glided across the red carpet, they left a trail of inspiration, proving once again that the TGMA red carpet is where fashion meets celebrity.


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