10 handy tips to make your high heels more comfortable

Strut in your heels like a model

I personally love my heels high. High heels are super sexy and not only do they make you look elegant and elevate your look but also elongate your legs and make you look thinner. If high heels are not your cup of tea, you can always start with kitten heels or block heels or even wedges which are much comfortable. For those who like their pointy toe high heels however, this article is for you. I'm sure you have been in a scenario where you wore your new heels and after dancing on a night out for a few hours, your feet felt like they're gonna collapse from pain, blisters and muscles clamping. Yeah, beauty comes at a price lol. Lucky for you, I will show you some high heel hacks to make your shoes more comfortable and make wearing high heels a much better experience. You definitely don't wanna walk like a newborn giraffe in your heels. It's not a sexy sight darling.

Shoes that are too tight will leave no space for your toes and end up super tight and uncomfortable to a point where you can't even walk in them. At the same time, big shoes will end up slipping out and can make you fall easily.

2. Buy shoes in the evening or at night.

As the day unfolds, your feet tend to swell so if shoes fit in the evening, then they will be the perfect size and not give you problems at the end of the day.

3. When you buy pointy toe heels, break into them before wearing them.

You will notice that new heels, especially the pointy toe stilettos will take upto three wears before they're completely comfortable. Now, there are many ways to slightly expand your shoes. However, my favorite tip is to use an ankle sock of average thickness, wear it on the ball of your foot (Covering the toes and half of the foot without touching the heel) then you wear your heels. You could do this repeatedly while at home say watching a movie or doing some light chores or even doing your hair and makeup before going out. The reason why I advise on a sock that's not too thick is cause you definitely don't wanna overstretch them.

4. If the back of the ankle is hurting and getting blistered, you can put an elastoplast (small bandage) before wearing the shoe to prevent that.

Put it horizontally so that it doesn't show once you wear the shoe. Another option would be to apply deodorant on the part that frequently gets blistered, to prevent that.

5. If the shoes feel too tight, tape the 3rd and 4th toes (counting from the big toe).

Ballet dancers often use this method for extra comfort when dancing. It's said that there's a nerve between these two toes, and wearing heels puts pressure on this nerve, thus the pain when wearing heels. However, taping the toes together reportedly alleviates the pressure on the nerve, which in turn leaves you pain-free

6. Apply Vaseline on the ball of your foot and the sides of the big and small toe to prevent blistering.

Don't apply on the heel, unless you want to keep sliding out. This mostly works for closed pointy toe heels made of patent leather.

7. Gel insoles will also make the heels a bit more comfy.

That's because they're designed to specifically shift pressure off the ball of foot, prevent blisters, provide arch support, and hold the ball of foot in place.

8. Another helpful hack is to cut your toe nails shorter.

9. When walking, make sure you're walking heel to toe. Like how you tap the floor with your foot.

10. Lastly, practise walking in heels till you get it right.

Also, don't wear heels two days in a row give your foot a break and if all else fails, you have the wedge, kitten and block heels option.


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