How to dress like Asake in 5 easy steps

Do you want to look like Ololade mi Asake, Mr. Money with the Vibes?

How to dress like Asake [Instagram]

Asake's fashion and style is also quite unique and relatively easy to imitate. Want to look like Asake? Here’s what you need to do:


The Asake look cannot be achieved without dreadlocks, be they short or long, fat or thin. Don’t forget to add some colour to your locs, typically blonde.

You know those body-hugging shirts that look like swimming trucks? You need to get those kinds of shirts in bulk, typically in a dark colour.


Since the day of ‘Joha’ Asake has been a fan of oversized, flared jean trousers. These flared trousers go perfectly with the tight, figure-hugging shirt.

A chunky boot is a way to achieve an Asake-esque look. This elevates the flared, oversized trousers so they're not on the floor.


Real or fake, wear a lot of diamonds. On your chain, on your wrists, on your fingers, on your ears, and even inside your mouth as grills. You have to be blinged out to perfection.

As a bonus tip, paint your nails a dark shade to finish up the Asake-like outfit.


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