5 classic ways to rock your denim jeans to work

Denims are not just for casual Fridays anymore. Whatever your style, a classic pair of jeans can take you from the office from Monday and Friday. brings you 5 classic ways to rock your denim jeans to work.

1. Waistcoat with Jeans

Tone the week’s seriousness down a bit with a waistcoat. Though this seems equally rigid in style. You can keep up with the executive appeal but with a lesser volume with your waist. The waist coast is the best to pair with your jeans and a shirt and a flying tie. It gives you the classic feel.


The Monday culture still holds, very cooperate. Whether you want to go with the traditional pants or want to get daring with a trendy piece, the executive appeal is very important. You can style your one pair of jeans with a white body fit shirts, a flying tie and the slay trick; a blazer. You must pair the outfit with any classic shoe, preferably, with brogues.

3. Shirt with Jeans

You can as well shake some stress off by throwing away the flying tie. You could feel smart and edgy but in a very comfortable way. You would have to keep an office appearance by sticking to your classic shoes, preferably, with brogues.


4. Shirt and tie with Jeans 

A shirt on a jean and tie is super fashionable. It makes you look smart and sharp. it gets equal attention as my shirt and tie.

5.  Jeans  on sneaker

Try this style trend on Fridays. Jeans can now be liberated in its comfort zones. Match the jeans with a shirt like on Thursdays but with a sneaker. You get to get in touch with your youthful side in a stunning way.


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