4 ways to know whether to wear a tie or a bowtie

It’s not just enough to buy clothes, what makes you stylish is knowing how to wear them in regards to your individuality and current mood. Today, we tackle how to know whether to wear a tie or bowtie.

Usher Raymond wearing a bowtie

In trying to attain a dapper look, you most often think of suits and ties. Many of us wonder whether we should be wearing a tie or wearing a bowtie and some just think, “does it really matter.” The truth is it’s very important and wearing the right kind of tie with the right outfit can make all the difference.

The first thing to know is that ties are a support. They perform the function of adding the final touch to your formal or black tie look. Also, they are an accessory. Some ties are very stylish and can be quite the fashion statement. They can also keep you fastened and warm, in an air conditioned car/office.

In buying a tie, you should always take your figure into consideration. This applies more to ties than bowties. People with bigger frames and wider shoulders may want to consider wider ties, while smaller frames will do well with narrower ties.


Now that we have the purpose and buying techniques. Here’s what you need to know in making a decision as to either wearing a tie or a bowtie:

The is important because of the environment we live in. Nigerians tend to attach respect to anyone who looks put together especially the formal looking man.


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