During his 10th televised address to the nation on the government’s efforts at curbing the deadly coronavirus outbreak, President Akufo-Addo wore another unique local fabric.

Ghana's culture speaks volume, and what President Akufo-Addo wore on Sunday is to emphasize without speaking a word that he is serious on halting the spread of coronavirus in Ghana and as well find the best solution while the country goes back to the normal life.

His fabric for his 10th update was ‘Nea mmoa adi no, ma nni nko, na nea aka akyere no na ye bo hoban.” which translates “What is lost is lost, the rest must be safeguarded, protected and preserved.”

What the President sought to put across going by the choice of fabric is that despite the hardship the country is going through due to the pandemic coronavirus, all hope is not lost yet.

Lots have been lost since the pandemic broke out but together we can still make it protect the ones we have now and make them better.

Aside from the name of the fabric, the colours also send some symbols to the world.

The brown or Coffe colour [dodoeɛ] symbolizes healing, security and stability.