Woah! Nana Akua Addo just stunned everyone with her intricate headdress! But did she imitate Beyonce’s 'On The Run 2' tour look?

Leave it to Nana Akua Addo, Ghana Meets Naija to drop jaws at the 2018 Miss Malaika Fashion Show. The style icon showed up University Of Professional Studies over the weekend, September 30th in the stylish looks of the night, wearing an African prints gown with a matching headpiece.

Nana Akua copies Beyonce, slays the African way

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While she’s totally slaying in this look, this fashion statement was made by Beyonce months ago which limits the "wow"effect . We could say she copied Beyonce‘s OTR tour ensemble!

Nana Akua copies Beyonce, slays the African way

Its only been months and we haven't ceased obsessing over one in all Beyonce's tour outfits once they found out they may see her eyes by way of a slit in a big hat that she wore low on her head. That was the exact statement Nana Akua made except for the fact that she did it the African way.

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Nana Akua Addo had a wider slits on the hat which made her eyes very visible unlike Beyonce who gave us a fashion creep after we realised her eyes could be seen through the outfits. Nana Akua Addo complimented the hat with a lovely outfit with a deed cut cleavage.

Nana Akua copies Beyonce, slays the African way

But this wouldn't be the first time she has channeled the look of the world's best musician, Beyonce. Nana Akua pulled Beyonce's 2018 Grammy headwear look months ago. She has a history of giving top style competition to Hollywood stars including Nicki Minaj and Future the rapper.