5 things brides should never do on their wedding day

Did you know trying out a new beauty products on your wedding day?

If you're going to be a bride soon, here are some things which you should never do before, during, or immediately after the wedding. They are the biggest faux pas you need to avoid.

Here are the 7 things a bride should never do on their wedding day.

1.New Makeup

Your big day is not the day to try out the new foundation you picked up from MAC. Rather stick to your faithful beauty products, or take the professional makeup artist’s advice. Trial sessions with the makeup prior to your wedding is very pertinent.

2. Avoid anything that could stain your dress

Stay away from anything that could stain your lovely wedding dress. From tomato sauce, red wine and pasta, to melted chocolate. However, if you have to to indulge in messy food, be extremely careful.

3. Don't drink too much

If possible abstain from any alcoholic drink before your wedding. You can certainly have it after you are married! Aside from wanting to remember your big day, legally, if you are truly so incapacitated you cannot give consent, your celebrant cannot go ahead with the ceremony!

4. Don’t do it all

Delegate friends and family to take care of certain duties. The only thing you need to do is to be set for the big day! Feel and look good, now you need to anticipate all the good things yet to happen on your big day. Leave all the little – and, certainly, the big, stressful roles – Get reliable persons to handle all that.

5. Don't sticking to your phone

In as much as you would want to capture your precious moments, there is a reason why you are paying the photographer. Avoid high-maintenance guests calling you for unnecessary last-minute queries and do not over commit. By having a team to worry about everything else on the big day, you will be present in the moment on your special day. Phones away, let the good times roll.

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