8 funny food names only Ghanaians will understand

Did you know cat meat is also called Joseph? Yes, and according to some Ghanaians, Joseph is usually used to prepare pepper soup and served with a chilled bottle of beer.

roasted plantain and groundnut

Food is an integral part of our Ghanaian culture. In Ghana, different regions are associated with specific foods. When we delve deeper, different ethnic groups also have their main dishes which is usually served during festivals.

We grow up eating food known to our tribe and eventually explore new recipes from other regions or cultures across the globe.

On the international level, Ghana is known for its sumptuous fufu and goat light soup and rich Jollof with fried chicken.

Due to migration and urbanization, some people eat whatever local food that they come across. Some of the local foods have been nicknamed probably due to difficulty in pronunciation.

Some tribes also decides to call a particular food in their local dialect if the main ingredient used in preparing the dish can be found in their locality.

Some names were also given due to the packaging, colour of the food among many other factors.

Pork - Joseph

Pork is much loved by many because of its taste and versatile. It is quick and easy to cook, so are a great choice to add to your diet. 

Pork is also a naturally high source of protein which helps muscle growth and is rich in vitamins and minerals which support normal energy release, fights tiredness and fatigue and help the immune system to work normally.

Konkonte - Face the wall or Chris Brown

Konkonte is made from dried cassava dough and usually eaten with groundnut soup and chicken. Most people replace konkonte with fufu because it digests quickly and very healthy because it doesn’t contain starch.

Aburo ne nkatie - Graphic and Times

Roasted corn and peanut are also known as Aburo ne Nkatie in the local dialect have been nicknamed Graphic and Times by the populace.

The perfect combo is a popular snack sold in traffic at a very affordable price. Corn is a domesticated crop with many health benefits including a good source of fibre, protein, B vitamins, and minerals like zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium, iron, selenium, and phosphorus. 

Roasted plantain and groundnut - Kofi Brokeman

Roasted plantain is popular street food in Ghana and many people call it Kofi Brokeman because it is affordable, readily available and portable. Plantains are a rich source of fibre, vitamins A, C, and B-6, and the minerals magnesium and potassium. 

Gari and beans - Gcbe

Gari and beans is a common recipe found on the menu in many schools. It’s easy to prepare and highly nutritious. Beans are good for kids especially the picker eater because it contains a high amount of protein and also good for their heart and general wellbeing.

Beans and plantain - Red Red

Interestingly, unlike gari and beans which is usually enjoyed by students and some workers, red red is quite expensive; prepared by chefs at various restaurants and hotels.

Ice cream - Abele walls

Some few years back, homemade ice cream was a serious business venture mompreneurs. It was made from powder milk, blended fruits and less amount of sugar. The mixture is transferred to container depending on the shape you want and a flat wooden stick is insert for easy removal and also very portable for consuming.

Fried rice - Check Check

Most people prefer to buy fried rice from the streets even its very economical and easy to cook at home. Travellers commuting from Accra to Kumasi or Accra to Sunyani and the visa versa usually buy check check to enjoy as they watch comic movies in the bus. 


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