'Cooking is an art' – Chef Harry is passionate about cooking

Harry Khubchandani has 35 years of experience in cooking. Describing where his passion comes from, he compares cooking with making music: “Cooking food is an art. It’s just like creating music. Each spice is a note, and when the tune becomes a hit, it makes you happy.”

Harry Khubchandani in his show kitchen

The 67-year-old Indian was born in Accra. He first got into cooking when he traveled to Toronto, Canada, for his studies in management. “I had a part-time job at an Italian Restaurant. When I made the pizza sauce, I discovered my passion for different spices and aromas. That's where it all began.”

Today, Harry Khubchandani owns his own restaurant called “Tandoor Indian Restaurant” in Accra. He curates meals for vegetarians, vegans, and non-vegetarians, with a strong passion for Indian cuisine. When explaining what’s most important in training his staff to become good chefs, he states: “When you’re cooking, depend on your nose. That will guide you the right way. The right aroma will tell you how your food is going to taste.” “Also, preparation is key,” says the father of four children. “I always have my ingredients chopped and spices ready before I start cooking.”

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Harry’s restaurant. Since managing the restaurant, Harry stopped cooking for clients. However, he still enjoys cooking in his free time. He also hosts his own cooking show on YouTube to demonstrate how to cook at home. “I use the simplest ingredients and equipment, just like you have at home. So, I can identify with you and show you how to cook in the simplest way.”


Chef Harry Khubchandani's long-standing commitment and love for cooking shine through his decades-long journey in the culinary world.


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