With fewer ingredients and less cooking time, the preparation of kaklo is quite simple and straightforward.


3 overripe plantain

3 medium-sized onions


Pepper (depending on your preference)


Nkitinkiti and pepre (Local spices)

Cooking oil

Salt to taste


  • Grind pepper, ginger, nkitinkiti and pepre in an earthenware bowl into a paste.
  • Peel the overripe plantain and add to the grinded mixture and grind till it is perfectly mixed.
  • Add salt and flour and mix till all ingredients are mixed evenly in the earthenware bowl.
  • Put your frying pan on the fire with oil enough for the frying process.
  • Use a laddle to scoop a small amount of the mixture and put in the oil to test if the mixture is intact. If not add some more flour.
  • Fry the rest of the mixture, taking time to turn each ball to avoid it being burnt.
  • Serve with cooked beans or you can eat it with groundnut as a snack.