DIY Recipes: How to make the perfect Red-red recipe (beans stew with fried plantains)

Red red is simply fried plantains with beans stew.

Red-red recipe (Beans stew with fried plantains)

Pulse Ghana

This meal is a regular one on most Ghanaian menus. On the streets, homes, boarding schools except for the plantains plus it is filling.


2 cups black-eyed pea or beans soaked overnight

4 medium-size tomatoes

2 medium-size onion

Pepper like scotch bonnet or red chilli as required

1/2cup palm oil

Momoni optional

1 tablespoon grounded shrimp optional

4- 6 plantains


Cook the soaked beans till tender, set aside. Blend one onion, tomatoes and pepper together and set aside. Slice the other onion and set it aside. Remove the peels from plantains and season with salt if you like, set aside.

Put palm oil in a saucepan, add half of the sliced onions and momoni if using.

Cook till tender and the momoni melts in the oil. Add the blended onions, tomatoes and pepper.

Add about 1/2 teaspoon salt and cook till thickened. Add grounded shrimp if using and the cooked beans.

Stir in the remaining onions and a little water from the beans if the stew is too thick. Taste and adjust for salt.

When ready to eat, fry plantains with any oil of choice.

Serve beans with plantains.


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