Revamp your okra soup with this recipe

Relatively easy to make and boasting excellent preservation ability, it is no wonder this soup is highly enjoyed in many a Nigerian home.

Okra soup is arguably one of the most widely eaten soups in Nigeria.

Made using okra, palm oil, cray fish and a host of other ingredients, okra is best eaten with swallows like eba and pounded yam.

Okra can also be added to other soups like ogbono giving it a different flavour.

Here is a full list of ingredients that can be used to make okra soup:

- Okra

- Fish (Dried or fresh)- Red Palm Oil- Beef- Crayfish (ground)- Pepper and Salt to taste- Onions- Spinach - Seasoning cubes- Stock Fish (optional)- Smoked Fish (optional)- Pumpkin leaf

Check out the video guide below by All Nigerian Recipes for how best to cook okra soup.


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