10 Ghanaian dishes every foreigner should try

Ghanaian dishes are the best. Here are all the meals you should definitely try on your next visit.

The first welcoming gesture in a Ghanaian home is a glass of water, which is followed by the reason for your visit and concluded with a meal.

If you are thinking of visiting Ghana, then you should definitively try these 10 local dishes, which can be found in all the regions of Ghana.

Beans with plantain (Red Red)

This is cooked beans in red palm oil with chunks of fish. Usually eaten with fried plantain or kelewele and/or gari (roasted cassava flakes). The combination works with rice too.

Ampesi with palava sauce

Ampesi is basically boiled yam or boiled plantain. Palava sauce is a stew made with kotomire/spinach and melon seeds.


This food is made up of a blend of cooked cassava and unripe plantain. Some people may choose to substitute the unripe plantain with cocoyam. It goes along side a variety of soups depending on the diner’s taste. You can have it with either groundnut soup, palm nut soup, light soup and 3bunebunu.


This is a very popular dish and can be found in every corner of the country...lol.

It is enjoyed by all and sundry irrespective of gender or social status. It is a medley of rice and beans cooked together and eaten with shit) and/or gravy with any protein of your choice. You may also add spaghetti/ macaroni, gari (roasted cassava flakes) or salad to your meal.


Komi as the Ga’s fondly call it comes in two types. One which originates from the Ga’s called Ga kenkey and the Fante kenkey which comes from the Fantes as the names suggest.

They are both made from fermented corn dough. They can be differentiated by ‘packaging’. Ga kenkey is tied with dried corn husk whilst the other with dried plantain leaves. In the mood for something heavy to take you through your day? Then kenkey is the food for you.


This is a staple food among the people of the Volta Region. It is quite similar to kenkey but prepared with corn flour minus the wrapping packaging of Ga and Fante kenkey. It can be eaten with stew, sauce or soup of your choice.

Gari foto

This is quite a simple dish that can be prepared quickly. Gari foto is a mixture of slightly damp gari (roasted cassava flakes) and gravy or tomato stew. You can make it exotic by tossing in veggies and minced meat.


Mostly available in the northern part of Ghana, the deeply satisfying meal is usually eaten as a complete balanced dish. It is a blend of beans, pepper, onions and tomatoes wrapped in leaves and boiled. It is usually accompanied by tossed onions and powdered pepper in vegetable oil with a little salt to taste.


This is a popular dish in the Western Region of Ghana. A bowl of steamed gari with freshly grilled tilapia and spicy pepper awaits you.

Ghana Jollof

This list would not have been complete without Ghana Jollof. As the Jollof debate rages across the African continent, sit back with your plate of spicy Ghana Jollof complimented with grilled chicken and shit) and don’t forget to leave your comments with the chef.


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