How to prepare Aprapransa from leftover palm nut soup

Aprapransa is tasty! Learn how to prepare the delicious Ghanaian meal in these easy steps.

It looks a lot daunting but its quite an easy meal to prepare.

Aprapransa can be made with either fresh palm nut soup or leftover palm nut soup.

Well, I have discovered that leftover palm nut soup has a certain quality and taste to it and prefer to use it in my ‘aprans’.

Here an easy way to prepare this delicious meal on any day.




Leftover palm nut soup

Cooked kidney beans and crabs for garnishing.



Just in case you didn't get some cornmeal on the Ghanaian market, can prepare yours at home in these two easy steps.

Cornmeal is basically powdered roasted corn.

Get some quantity of dry maize and fry dry in a saucepan. Fry until brown.

Take off the heat and allow to cool. Pour into a clean container to be milled or blend until it is as smooth as possible.


Your cornmeal is ready.

Heat your leftover palm nut soup on fire until hot. Turn down the heat to a simmer and scoop some into another saucepan on fire. Do not turn off the heat,

Place the second saucepan on fire and gradually add your cornmeal whilst stirring and kneading. Keep adding your cornmeal until you reach the quantity of aprapransa that you want.

Now knead until a smooth texture is achieved.

Don’t forget to add some soup if your aprapransa is too thick and heavy.


Add some kidney beans and crabs and stir

Finally, your aprapransa is ready but if you are looking for that extra twist, then you should consider garnishing it.

Scoop some aprapransa into a bowl.

Pat down on the top to fill all the spaces. Then overturn into your serving plate.

Garnish with crabs and kidney beans. You may also scoop some soup unto the side

ADVERTISEMENT can serve hot or cold. Enjoy!


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