Yuletide season is just once a year experience, make the most of it and make merry but keep in mind that your health is your wealth. You are what you eat so choose wisely.

  • Look gorgeous

Wear form fitting apparels that make you feel amazing. It will make you feel good about yourself and keep you mindful of overeating and stay fit.

  • Out of sight, out of mind

Research shows that when food is in our line-of-sight, we’re much more likely to eat it. So, get out of the kitchen, away from the buffet and find a game to play with the family.

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  • Exercise daily

Exercising in the morning can help ensure a better behavior all day long. By exercising in the morning, are building muscle mass are elevated in the body.

  • Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal of the day which is very important when it comes to weight management. Healthy breakfast reduces the risk of starving, craving, and overeating during the day. Eating a nutritious breakfast helps to boost your metabolism.

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  • Eat more veggies

Prices of foodstuffs especially meat have increased this festive season. Why not save some money and swap the overly priced meat for some veggies which provide essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and other substances that are important for good health.

Add vegetables and fruits to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for weight management and over wellbeing.

  •  Choice your drinks wisely

Unbelievable but did you know that most alcoholic beverages contain fewer calories? For example, a pint of lager on average is equal to a slice of pizza at 180 calories. A 175ml glass of wine will be around 130 calories – whilst comparatively a gin and slimline tonic contain less than 50 calories.

Try to enjoy your festive tipples in moderation, keep drinking water between alcoholic beverages to avoid dehydration, and choose your drinks wisely.

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  • Stay hydrated

The one true test of hydration is the color of your wee – if it’s closer to orange than clear, get a drink down you! Staying hydrated is important at all times of the year.

Engage in fun activities

  • Be picky when you attend parties

Enjoying healthy meals with your family on this holidays won’t do you any harm but we should be picky when we attend extend family dinners and parties. You can also opt for the meal with soup, avoid the fried meat and pastries. This will help you maintain your weight and stay fit.

Of course once a year on actual Christmas day, just relax and enjoy yourself. One slightly overfilling meal never hurt anyone.

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  • Check your weight every day

Every household should own a scale to check the weight of its members especially the children. Regardless of your specific goal, one of the easiest and most common ways of tracking your progress is by weighing yourself regularly.

This is the only way to know if you are eating right and encourage yourself to kick your cravings and stick to a healthy lifestyle.