Road signs help to keep order on our roads and streets as well as provide essential information. They are important traffic management tools which should be abided by all and sundry. They also aid drivers in communicating with each other in a non-verbal day. Everyone needs to understand road signs to ensure safety at all time.

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Road signs could be grouped into 3 main categories. These are;

Regulatory signs: Stop sign, yield sign, turn and use lane sign, road closed sign etc.

Marker signs: Junction sign, alternative route sign, route marker etc.

Warning signs: intersection sign, speed bump sign, narrowed road sign etc.

But despite its importance, road signs are largely not installed right. This leads to broken down signs or faded ones in a short time. These are a few pointers to ensure road signs are installed well.

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Requirements before a driver is allowed to use the roads in Ghana are, having a valid driver’s license amongst others. And before you would be granted a driver’s license, you would be tested on your knowledge of road signs. Read on to keep abreast of the road signs and their meaning in Ghana.


But unfortunately some road signs tend to confuse motorist. Some of which are:

The ‘No Waiting’ sign.

Some drivers read this sign to mean that they cannot park or enter a particular area. But what it actually means is that you may quickly and temporarily stop to pick or drop someone off. Do not park and leave your car unattended for several minutes.

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The ‘No Motor Vehicles Allowed’ sign.

This sign is a white circle with pictures of a car and motorcycle inside. Enclosed in a red trim. Most drivers think this sign mean cars and motorcycles are allowed to enter. But it is rather the opposite. It means motorcycles and cars are not allowed on that road. I think the confusion stems from the absence of a red slash across the sign.

Read on local road signs anytime you travel abroad especially if you are thinking of getting behind the wheel.