Ghana, amongst many other things can boast of delicious

In Ghana, every tribe has its form of beverage, but the people of the North are well known for having different kinds of drinks that are often prepared from special grains and plants. brings you 5 local beverages you ought to try.

1. Pito

Pito is an alcoholic beverage prepared from millet or sorghum. It can be argued as better than most of the foreign alcoholic beverages in the country because it is more nutritive even with no additives.

2. Brukina

This beverage is made from fresh milk, usually from cows, with some few nutritive ingredients added to it to make it more delicious better.

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Sobolo a refreshing drink made from hibiscus leaves, however; it has certain medicinal powers. Sobolo may play a role in controlling blood pressure, although more research is required.


This is made from crushed fermented corn and sugar. It is found almost every in Accra, especially in markets. It is sometimes mixed with milk for a more creamy taste.

5. Palm wine

Also popularly called 'Palmie', this is a sweet, nutritious drink derived from the palm tree. It is delicious when it's freshly tapped, but after a few days when it gets fermented, it acquires a slightly sour taste which indicates that there is the presence of alcohol.