How to prepare plantain pudding

Pulse daily DIY recipe teaches prospective chefs how to prepare healthy, Ghanaian dishes in a simple way.


  • Over ripe plantain
  • Garlic
  • Gloves
  • Scotch bonnet pepper
  • Corn flour or all purpose flour
  • Salt
  • Plantain leaves or kitchen foil.


  • Wash and clean all the spices
  • Allow the cloves to sit in water for about 10 minutes to soften them up
  • Grind pepper, gloves and garlic in asanka until smooth.
  • Add the over ripe plantains and mash them as well.
  • Taste for salt.
  • Fill a pan with water, put cleaned khebab sticks or cleaned stones and cover to boil.
  • Scoop some plantain mixture unto the leaf or foil and wrap.
  • Continue till all the mixture is used up.
  • Place on the khebab sticks in the pan and cover to boil for 30-50 minutes.
  • Serve with roasted peanut

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