If you know someone obsessed with the magical, fictional characters, here are gifts you can be sure theyd appreciate.

There is a wide range of Harry Potter-themed gifts that any fan of the multi million dollar franchise will appreciate. The gifts range from Harry Potter monopoly boards to pillows to Hermoine's necklace.

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Some of the gifts can be handmade, especially if you are artsy and are talented with your hands. Others can be custom made with professionals, including the recipients name to make it more personal and thoughtful.

1. Harry Potter Monopoly game:

2. Hermoine's time turner necklace:

3. A scarf of the marauder's map:

4. Wand necklaces:

5. Quidditch pillow cases for couples:

6. Harry Potter colouring book for children:

7. Pencils with Harry Potter quotes on them:

8. A bracelet of the golden snitch:

9. Hogwarts subjects inspired notebooks:

10. Harry Potter hat and glasses ring: