4 ways to make your home look pretty

Find out how to make your home look great without breaking the bank.

A pretty home

A lot of people think beautifying a home involves loads of money.

This is not always true.

The following tips will make your place look amazing without making you broke.

Clean- Most times homes look old, and cheap because they are maintained properly. In order to make your home pretty, simply clean the windows, tiles, and so on. This simple and inexpensive process will have your home the face lift it deserves.


Repaint- Painting your home regularly keeps it from looking old and haggard. This helps your home look beautiful. You can play around with colours in order for it to look like a totally different home.

Declutter- There is a good chance that you have accumulated a lot of things after living in a particular place for a while. Unfortunately, these things tend to take too much space which results in your once beautiful home looking like a storage unit. In order to return your home to it's former glory, learn to declutter every now and then. You do this by examining your home with a critical eye and deciding what is really important and what is junk. Take out the junk and your home will be pretty again.

Switch up the furniture- You can move the couch around, or the table or even the television. You can also buy colourful items like a blue throw pillow, a purple mat that has welcome home written on it. You can also change the covering of the couch. Doing all these makes your home look different and pretty.


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